A beautifully rustic style concrete planter, perfect for any plant.

This planter would look lovely in any home and in any setting as they are so neutral in style and colour.

They are all individual, no planters are the same; they offer different areas of blemishes, and changes in tone in their textures.

Please note that they are not 100% waterproof due to the natural material, so water plants before placing them back into your concrete planter.

Can also be used as a pen pot holder, candle holder, liquid soap dispenser, or just about anything!

Please note the dimensions of each size of planter:

Small: Height 11cm x Width 10cm (Would fit a plant with a diameter of 9cm or less)

Medium: Height 12.5cm x Width 11cm (Would fit a plant with a diameter of 10cm or less)

Large: Height 14cm x Width 13cm (Would fit a plant with a diameter of 12cm or less)

Grey Concrete Planter - Medium